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Hey Y'all!

Styled by Sequins blog is a Fort Worth - Dallas fashion blog that offers a trendy, southern, teacher style with a dash of sequins of course. Above all else, I hope to encourage you to spread a little bit of sparkle where ever you go! 

Coffee Chat: vol III.

Coffee Chat: vol III.

Coffee Chat: vol III.

Let's topic chat over coffee... topics I know you and I both can relate on! It goes deeper than an outfit post + I'll share what's going on in my life or beyond Styled by Sequins. 

Spring means spring cleaning...right? The number one place people get rid of things in the spring is their closet. The reason is unexplainable, but the biggest is season changes come for outfit changes... aka your closet! Once the job is done, there's no better way than to refill your closet with new piece that you'll wear! Counter productive I know, but it's worth it because you'll feel good about yourself. Every girl needs to revamp her wardrobe once it's spring time. But first, follow my 10 Rule of Thumb for dejunking a closet.... 

Rule of Thumb:

1. If you haven't worn it last spring... ditch 

2. If it's out of style... ditch 

3. Doesn't fit... ditch 

4. Can't seem to figure out how to wear it... ditch 

5. Love it and can't part with it.. keep

6. in style with the trends... keep 

7. You wore it since last spring... keep

8. Still fits and flatters you... keep

9. You know you'll wear it and you have plans to wear... keep

10. Just too hard to throw out... keep

It's a love hate relationship when it comes to getting rid of things. (Total confession: I still have clothes from high school.) Y'all I'm sharing this all with you because this is not easy for me either. Getting rid of things is super hard. We have memories with certain items or love something because we feel comfortable. This goes beyond just clothing! I weirdly become attached to thing that I totally shouldn't have. Why would I need to get attached to a certain pair of jeans or nick-nack? I don't... but, it totally happens to people. Guilty as charge. As I help you, it's helping me too. 

Okay now that the cleaning and purging is done, let's go shopping on budget! I have created a "wishlist" of items that are on point for your budget. If you got rid of a bunch of items, then you're going to need to be on a budget. Plus, these pieces are too good to pass up... 

Top Pick: 

I hope these "wishlist" items find their way to your closet because they are too good to pass up. It's a known fact that when you wear clothes that make you look good, you feel good too! Confidence is keep to being yourself and what better way than when you look cute. For me personally, I know when I look cute I feel much more confident about myself. Crazy to think that it has so much impact, but it does! 

Love from Texas, 


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